Trabzon is a beautiful and peaceful city in the East of Black Sea Region of Turkey. It is located between the amazing coast of the Black Sea and Zigana Mountains. It is a popular touristic city that can be visited all twelve months of the year due to its historical sites and natural beauties. People living in Trabzon are unique in terms of their traditions, lifestyles and traditional clothes. There are many different ethnicities living there and they are still pursuing their own traditions.
Trabzon has the natural beauties of both sides of the city. Near the coast you can see the beautiful beaches and cliffs. On the other side there are hills, highlands and the beautiful view of Zigana mountains. The climate of the city is rainy most of the time. In winter the temperature of the sea falls but in August it rises to its top. The weather is mostly cool in the highlands and never goes to extreme temperatures.
There are many places to visit in Trabzon. It is a culturally rich city. For example one of the most famous places to visit in Trabzon is Sumela Monastery. It is an old Greek Orthodox monastery built 1150 meters of height. It is a very sacred place for some people and many visitors go up there to make wishes every year. Another place to see in Trabzon is Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum. It was built by a family who fled from İstanbul when the city is occupied. It is one of the most beautiful examples of early Byzantium Churches. The building shows signs of Seljuk architecture in addition to Christian church arts.
Uzungol is one of the most amazing natural beauties of Trabzon. It has a beautiful forest flora that must be seen. There are trekking, birdwatching, sightseeing and botanical observation tours. It is a wonderful natural area to observe flora and fauna of the area. Macka is a district of Trabzon and it is popular due to ins amazing nature. It is surrounded by spruce forests and near a river. The famous Zigana Strait is here. It also has many highlands to see the beauty of the flora.
These natural beauties of Trabzon is celebrated with local festivals. They start from the first Sunday of May and last up to the end of August. When you visit Trabzon, you should see one of the festivals. They are generally organized to celebrate the natural beauties. Also, in festivals you can have the chance to taste the unique cuisine of Trabzon. Especially it is famous for anchovy dishes of various kinds, trout and many variations of savoy cabbage.
Trabzon is a very beautiful city of Black Sea region with its nature, people, cuisine and historical places. A cultural visit to Trabzon will enable you to see the historical artifacts from very different times and religions. For a natural visit, it offers the beauty of the coast and the unique and untouched flora and fauna of highlands and mountains. It is a popular destination for people who don’t want a holiday for only sunbathing and swimming.