About Ordu

Ordu is a naturally amazing province in East Black Region. It mesmerizes people with its natural beauty. It has the cleanest sand and the longest coast line of the region. There are many beautiful bays, natural and crystal-clear beaches and various recreational areas in Ordu. It brings together the amazing beauty of Black sea and wonderful nature of the region, i.e., blue and green. It is mostly a mountainous province including Canik and Karadeniz Mountains. They are parallel to the sea and increase in height from west to east. Some highlands and valleys are formed by streams that cut the mountains.

The climate of Ordu is classical Black Sea climate. In winter it is cool and in summer it is warm. It receives precipitation through the whole year. The weather doesn’t go extremes. Therefore, Ordu is preferred by the people who don’t like very hot and dry weather. Ordu is a rich province in terms of historical places. It has been a settlement to many civilizations and empires, including Seljuks and Ottoman Empire. Ordu is a convenient province in terms of transportation. It is easily reachable through highway. Also you can reach Ordu through airports in neighboring provinces, Trabzon or Samsun. It is approximately 1.5 hours from Samsun Carsamba Airport and 2 hours from Trabzon Airport.

Ordu has many places worth visiting. One of them is Bolaman Castle which is a famous one from Pontus Empire. It is located in Fatsa district and there is a wooden structure built on the walls of the castle. It is assumed to be built 200 years ago and an important example of Anatolian civil architecture. Another historical place to visit in Ordu is Golkoy Castle. It has only one entrance and built in the rocks. In 1997, UNESCO listed the castle at its artifacts list. Additionally, natural areas of Ordu are very famous and offer amazing views. Yoroz City Forest is one of them and it is 20 kilometers from the city center. It has a rich fauna and flora, and offers an observation terrace. It is available for picnics. Another one is Ulugol Natural Park. It is 17 kilometers from the center of Golkoy district of Ordu. It covers 26.5 hectares of land and it is a very rich natural site. It has a marvelous view especially in fall when the leaves start to go yellow and red. Also, there are three barrier lakes within the area. Hoynat Island is one of the most interesting natural areas in Ordu. It is a historical place where has been used by sailors as a shelter and storage. It is also a popular place for birdwatching since shags and seagulls live there. Also, it is the only place in Turkey where shags nest.

Ordu is a very beautiful province with its unique nature and many historical places. It is a typical Black Sea Region city in terms of people, traditions and lifestyles. However, it is unique with its natural habitats. You can have a great time in Ordu spending time immersed in nature, having picnics and going birdwatching activities. It welcomes many Turkish people and foreigners each year to see its mesmerizing nature.