Altındere Valley National Park is a wonderful natural wonder located in the borders of Maçka district of Trabzon with its abundant oxygenated air, chirping birds sounds and dazzling beauty. This national park, where you can see the most beautiful landscapes around the Eastern Black Sea, has a wide and impressive area of ​​4,800 hectares.

Altındere Valley, which gives life to thousands of different species of plants and animals with its humid climate and nature surrounded by forests, has been in national park status since 1987. Anno Domini built in the 4th century, and both Turkey Sumela Monastery is located among the most important belief centers around the world as well as within the national park's boundaries. The monastery with a height of 1,300 meters above sea level is one of the most famous touristic structures of the region with its impeccable architecture and beautiful views.

Hundreds of 909.5 hectares of the face measurement, which consists of forest and forest clearing areas, Altındere Valley National Park 3812 hectares of the region is used as pasture by the people of the region for centuries. In addition, 65 kilometers of forest road and 2 thousand 605 kilometers of highland lane that attracts those who want to go trekking in the region are also worth seeing the national park.

What to Do in Altindere Valley National Park

The national park, which is visited by approximately 350 thousand people annually, is famous for its natural beauty as well as its cultural values ​​and sporting activities. A national day in a day, which deserves the plan of a two-day trip that includes nature trips on a day of culture; You can visit the Sumela Monastery and obtain impressive information about the history and culture of the region. Those who would like to explore the national park during the trip can take part in activities such as trekking, camping, nature research and sport fishing.ATATURK'S MANSION MUSEUM

After the proclamation of the Republic, he started his great trip of Turkey, Dumlupinar. Atatürk came to Bursa from here on September 12, 1924, Hamidiye, Cruiser and Mudanya movement. It was opened to the Black Sea by passing through the Bosphorus, and came to Trabzon on the morning of 15th of September. Atatürk was met with enthusiasm by the people of Trabzon. His wife, Latife Hanım, and his close friends were there. He came straight to the municipality. In the afternoon, they went back to the pavilion in Soğuksu, which was paved for themselves. The pavilion was built in 1913, and after the proclamation of the Republic it became the property of the Special Administration. It was four floors with the basement. The big room of the third floor was Atatürk's bedroom.

In the evening, the Mayor of Trabzon Kazazoğlu Hüseyin gave a dinner in honor of Atatürk in the lower floor of the mansion. Atatürk responded to this conversation: (Lords, I saw almost all the people of Trabzon in a mass of intimacy. I saw ages in the eyes of women, children and elders. What a feeling of compassion, what a noble feeling.)

The next day after visiting schools, the hospital and the yarn factory, he left Trabzon on the morning of 17 September 1924 and became a passenger in Rize.

After the visit of Atatürk, the pavilion belonging to the special administration was bought by Trabzon Municipality and presented to Atatürk as a gift. A Trabzon delegation came to Ankara and delivered the title deed and keys to Atatürk. When Atatürk arrived from Trabzon to Samsun on November 27, 1930, he spent the night in this mansion again. After two nights, he returned to Istanbul. The mansion is now known as the (Atatürk mansion).

Ataturk's third and final arrival to Trabzon on June 10, 1937 coincides with the Aegean steamer from Istanbul to Trabzon Ataturk, came straight to his own mansion, had spent two nights in this mansion. In this last visit: (Goods and Property gives me weight. I will refresh them with the donation to the nation. Human wealth must be in its own spiritual personality. I want to give more things to my great nation.), All the property and property had been registered in the presence of a notary publicly donated to the treasury. Atatürk returned to Istanbul from Trabzon on the morning of June 12, 1937.

After the death of Atatürk, Trabzon Municipality decided to open the Atatürk mansion as a Atatürk Museum. He exhibited the photographs of Ataturk and photographs. Today, at the entrance of the Mansion, the full text of the speech Atatürk made during his first visits to Trabzon was hung. The small hall on the right, the full text of his speech hanging. The small hall on the right is equipped with photographs of Atatürk's life and visits to Trabzon. In the adjoining room there are sofas and armchairs where Atatürk rests. One of them is the following sentence on the plate. (On 11 June 1937, Atatürk signed the treaty that they had left their real estate to their nation.) The other room was furnished as a dining hall.

On the third floor of the mansion, there is Atatürk's bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, study hall. Today the pavilion is known as one of the most beautiful houses in Trabzon with its flowered garden and it is open to visitors as the Atatürk Museum under the administration of the Municipality.