The bedesten bazaar, which is the oldest commercial building in the center of Trabzon, is estimated to be the end of the 15th century. The origin of the word Bedesten from Persian into Ottoman is based on the inin bedestan Fars. Bedestan is the name given to the centers where valuable products such as precious fabrics and jewelry are presented to the exhibition and they are traded. It was also used in the Ottoman Empire with the same mission.

The bedesten bazaar, where the first examples were seen in the 13th century, is an example of a magnificent covered market with its domes of equal size, in which the typical examples of the Ottoman are clearly seen. It is known that the bedesten bazaar, which is estimated to be the end of the 15th century of the construction year, has the structure of Genoese and it is known that the Ottomans made it a bedesten with the conquest of Trabzon. Bryer, who succeeded in history, stated that he gave information about the Bedesten in 1512 by Sultan Selim's mother Gulbahar Hatun. According to this, it is stated that the building was built between 1461-1512. The bedesten, which consisted of 28 cm stones, was built with a square plan. In addition, the holes on the elephant feet in the bedesten bazaar, which has an aesthetic appearance, are placed on 4 elephant legs, revealing the iron between the floors. Wooden parts are placed on these holes. The bedesten, which has a door in every respect, consists of 48 rooms in total. The rooms on the upper floor represent the expression offices of the traders today, while the rooms below represent the point where the merchandise trade is realized.

As the consciousness about the preservation of its historical monuments has been newly formed, the bedesten bazaar has been re-introduced to our culture by spending 400 million TL. The bedesten, which was freed from the carpenter's house in 2000, sells valuable items as in the Ottoman Empire. On the upper floors, there are cafes that reflect the Ottoman coffee culture. Need to say that the price was quite affordable. Hand-made goods, local products, here all the entrants are caught in an allure.




Kemeraltı Bazaar; It is the oldest market in Trabzon. It is also a famous bazaar with the name of the coppers. The shops and stalls of Trabzon's veteran copper shopkeepers are located on this market. Trabzon copper and ornaments can be found in the arch. You can find clothing, jewelry and souvenirs in Kemeraltı market. Wedding dresses for women who prepare for marriage, places selling henna materials and dowry products, selling fabrics, places selling gold silver jewelry are also available in this market. People can meet most of their needs from here.

Kemeralti Bazaar is home to many historical places. Built in the 16th century, the single-domed Bedesten is located in the center of the bazaar. This bedesten has a special place with its single domes. Evliya Çelebi divides the cities into two as bedesten and non-beded cities. In the Ottoman period, the bedesten was made to cities engaged in international trade. The city market, which has always had an important place in the commercial sense, naturally has many historical buildings. Taş Han was built in 1531 by the Governor of Trabzon İskender Pasha.