One of the most beautiful places in the Black Sea is one of the most important places to visit in Trabzon cave. With its natural formation and beauties, the cave resembles a corner of heaven and is the second largest cave known to the world with its length of 8 kilometers. However, up to 1 kilometer section has been opened to visitors.

The left arm of the cave, which is divided into two branches after being progressed 200 meters from the entrance, is 150 meters long. The length of the right arm is 400 meters and there is a lake and waterfall which is about 60 meters on the arm. The height of this lake and the source of groundwater varies according to the season of rainfall and is between 25-150 cm.

Inside the cave, drooping, steep and many different natural shapes reduce the height from time to time, but this does not disturb the visitors.

Although the humidity of the cave is dry at the entrance, it increases with the inner parts. The cave was found to be good for asthma and shortness of breath.

In 2000, after various arrangements were made by Trabzon Special Provincial Administration, it was opened to the public in 2003.

Cal Cave Formation

The cave came to its present form in two different stages. At the provincial stage, the leakage of water from the surface of the soil into the acidic character by incorporating carbon dioxide into the structure, the limestone was further dissolved, expanding the fractures and an underground water channel.

The second stage is; due to the regional rise, the water flow to the cave development decreased and the development of the cave stopped. At this stage, the water leaked from the water channels, place stalactites and stalagmites began to create.



Among the most attractive places of Trabzon, Şolma Plateau is one of the most visited places with its beauty. When you go to Şolma Plateau, which is 22 kilometers away from Maçka, you will witness the most beautiful parts of nature at every step.You can go to Şolma with minibuses in summer months as you can go with your own car. Electricity, water, telephone in the region. You can visit Şolma Plateau where you will feel yourself as a part of nature. This beautiful city of the Black Sea is worth a visit. Sultan Murat Yaylası, Çal Cave, Peristera Monastery and other historical-natural beauties can be a part of an unforgettable trip.