The date of the district is generally related to the history of Trabzon. According to historical information, our town has been the moment of many tribes since Etiler. The Pechenegs and the Byzantines are under the domination. In 1461, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror took the Ottoman Empire from the Ottoman Empire. In this period, the Alperenes from the province of Maras for the Islamization of the people of our district, is based on rumors that the Sheikh continued to carry out propaganda activities in this region. It is also reported that the tombs in the village of Maraşlı on Kemer mountain and in the Old Market Town of Of District belong to these Alperenes.

During the First World War in 1915, our district was under the occupation of the Russian armies. Şehitler Tepesi, located 27 km south of our district on the Sultanmurat Plateau, is an immortal monument of Turkish soldiers who died in this war.

Our district was a village of the District of Turkey until 1925, while in 1925 Bucak gained the status of the District with the Law No. 5071 in 01.06.1947, it was de facto organized on 01.01.1948.

Our district has mountainous, slope and rocky structure. Trabzon is 75 km away. The town center is 280 m high from the sea and 25 km inside. It was founded in the valley of the province of Bayburt.

On the east and south of the Soğanlı Mountains and Uzungöl Mountains, the waters coming from the mountains are called as Solaklı Çayı and are poured into the sea in the district of At district. Since the bed of the left-handed tea is narrow, the settlement area in our district is narrow. It is one of the 6 districts of Trabzon province inside the sea coast. The district has a residential area of ​​420 km2.Of-followed by Çaykara-Bayburt State Highway Solaklı Çay. In the province of Bayburt, the Soğanlı Mountains are about 3,000 meters high.