Trabzon Fatih Sultan Mehmet Conquered by 1461 until the present day in various periods and times to host important people, but also important figures in his own body.

A scientist, scientist and clergyman, Çaykara, who has important duties in history and as the 5th President of Cevdet SUNAY; Çaykara has taken its place in the Pride Table of our district.

Cevdet SUNAY, who was born in Çaykara Ataköy on 10 February 1899, was elected to the Senate of the Republic on March 16, 1966. Cevdet SUNAY was elected as the 5th President on 28 March 1966. He was appointed as the 5th President of the Republic.

The life of this life adventure from Çaykara to Çankaya Hill was opened to the service of Cevdet SUNAY House Museum with the contributions of Prime Minister Promotion Fund of Republic of Trabzon on October 27, 2001 with the contribution of Prime Minister Cevdet SUNAY.

In addition to the house materials used in childhood, some special items from his house in Ankara are exhibited in the Museum House.