Düzköy district was a village called Hachka until 1944 and was built in 1944 in Bucak. In 1961, its name was changed to Düzköy and it became a municipality. Subsequently, this municipality in the district of Akçaabat was declared a district in 1990.

Düzköy Plateau (Haçka Obası) Plateau is a special plateau which is famous for having fresh air with 1784 m altitude and harboring all shades of green. This is a spring which is preferred by local and foreign tourists. The fact that infrastructure services have been completed has played an important role in this choice. Completed infrastructure services such as electricity and water have intensified the population of the highland.

Apart from this, there are festivals with a lot of interest in the plateau. Especially on the dates of the highland festivals are quite crowded. These festivals are held every year on the 3rd Friday of July and on August 14, Karaabdal festivals are held on the plateau. Another interesting element of the plateau is the tomb of Hachkali Baba.