Black Sea also comes among the natural wonders that come to mind Uzungöl. Although this beauty has been made with the investments made in the name of tourism, Garester Plateau appears at 2300 meters above. In a real plateau, you can watch the highland houses and the inhabitants of Garester through the clouds in the Black Sea and Uzungol.

Terrific Nature;

This highland village and its nature, which you can reach in spring and summer, adds life to life. You come to Uzungöl at 1050 meters and come to the Garester Plateau with 2270 meters. The dense vegetation and giant trees of the Black Sea end after 1800 meters and we encounter real plateaus.

Do not return without taking mountain thyme;

When we came to the plateau, we started to walk towards the inside of the village, looking at the summits of the Soğanlı mountains. Seeing tourists like us, small children aged 9-10 took us around with dried mountain thyme in their hands. 5 Turkish liras. We have also made the children happy in exchange for natural thyme. The slope on my left side is still in July, but we still have snow. Whichever way you look, the smell of natural life comes to your nose.

Great view of Uzungöl;

You can watch Uzungolbilirs unique beauty from above or watch the sea of ​​clouds according to the weather. I had to leave even though I didn't want to have a night off. But you can do it in the camp with tents here.

You can come as a pleasure from mid-May to the end of October.