Trabzon Uzungöl'nın not heard the name, but Haldizen name comes to our ear. However, Haldizen or the new name Demirkapı Plateau is the reason of Uzungöl's existence. There are seven glacial lakes in the snowy peaks of Demirkapı, which has a peak of 3 thousand 376 meters, and Karakaya mountains that rise to 3 thousand 193 meters. The waters that emerge from these lakes first flow through the Haldizen Stream and then form a landslide lake called Uzungöl. The asiatic water seeking his bed rises from the other side of the lake to the name of Solaklı Creek and continues on his journey to the Black Sea.

It is reached through the 16-kilometer forest in the valley from the village of Şerah, where Uzungöl is located, to the Haldizen Plateau. Haldizen Plateau is surrounded by high peaks with white peaks, meadows that start at the border where the snow ends, and a dense forest texture just below the meadows. This cute plateau consists of three neighborhoods, with centuries old wooden houses adorned with fragrant mountain flowers. Behind the chimneys are the fence of the fence. Highland life, which started in May, lasts until the end of August when the grass form was completed.

The dirt road that passes through the Haldizen Plateau extends to Bayburt. By taking short walks from the plateau above the old migration road, it is possible to reach the moraine lakes surrounded by rhododendrons. Fish, Stallion, Small, Birömerin (Yellow), Black, Twin and Double lakes are worth seeing. Some of the lakes are on the side of the road and others are located under the peaks around Ashlik.

It is an extraordinary feeling to watch the high plateau and the whole valley through the passage at the same level as Karagöl. Wooden houses that paint the lush valley to brown are under the snow in winter.

Passing from the ridge in northeast of the Hadizen Plateau to Anzer through the Kurdishanah is a route that can be recommended to those seeking an enjoyable adventure. Haldizen Plateau, which reflects the fascinating atmosphere of the Black Sea, has no accommodation.



The Haldizen River, which starts at 3100 meters from the glacier lakes of the Haldizen Mountains, ends at about 70 kilometers (69.6 kilometers) in the Trabzon district of Trabzon. The waters of the creek, which progresses by making hard drops from the steep valleys, take about 32 kilometers from Haldizen Mountains to Uzungöl and the name Haldizen Deresi up to this point is called Solaklı Creek. The flow of the Haldizen Creek is cut by Uzungöl, a lake of landslides, and two small artificial ponds before. There is a very rich wildlife in and around Haldizen Stream. Sarp valleys are a favorite place for those who use canoeing between the forests and forests and other river valleys.