It is located next to the City Hall in the area of ​​Atatürk. The madrasa in the courtyard of the mosque was destroyed and the cemetery on the west side was removed. Only the tomb of İskender Pasha was left here. Additions were made to the mosque at different times and their originality was damaged by repairs. It has a very good stone workmanship. The minaret is made in an alternating style with brick and colored stones.The main plan of the building resembles the Green Mosque in Iznik. It was probably replaced by the last three-section repairs and covered by a broken roof. Enter the last section of the community community. It is covered with side walls and a dome in the middle sitting on two columns from the south and parts of the east and west vault. The harim part has a dome sitting on the pendants.

The mihrab and the mimber are made of marble. Baroque ornaments of the 19th century. They have large leafy curved branched curbs and cartridges. Inside the mosque, there are also ornaments.

The inscription of the mosque on the building of H. 936, M.1529 is on the entrance gate. In addition, there is an inscription on the repair of 1882 where the building became its present state.