3 km southeast of Trabzon was founded on the Boztepe side of the Değirmendere valley. It was built in 1424. The buildings are composed of a single chapel with a single apse in the middle, a bell tower in the north and a small chapel in the south east and monastery cells.

The monastery structures have been repaired many times. The oldest part is the apse section when the church is five. The frescoes within the church are historicized in the 18th century. Work; Because a man who was built on behalf of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), but fell from the hill when he was made, was left out of tune, he was called aşağıya the obscurant fakat.

The monastery had a fire in 1914-1918 and was abandoned after that date. This temple, which is used as a personal property today, is preserved despite a little change in the family living here.