Maçka is a district of Trabzon. Gümüşhane is on the highway and is 29 km from Trabzon. The height of the town, which is 365 meters high, is 1000 km². According to the 2000 Census, the population of the district is 11,600.

The district center, which is established on a river bed in the middle of the valleys where spruce forests are predominant, is one of the richest places in Trabzon in terms of natural beauties. 17 km south of the town of Sumela Monastery (Mother Mary), Trabzon province and the town of Macka is important in terms of tourism revenues.

The Maçka land, which is made up of completely high mountains, is covered with forests up to 2000 meters, while the higher is covered with grasslands and mountain plants. These high places, called Yayla, are unique in terms of natural beauties with its scenery, fresh air and spring waters. The famous Zigana Passage is also here. Famous and one of the highest tourism potential of Trabzon province, Şolma Plateau has been declared as a tourism center.

Şolma Plateau of the district; 22 km from the center. away from the pine forests, cold water with plain grass and a variety of fragrant flowers are worth seeing with a highland.

Maçka district has many highlands with touristic values. Some of those; Kiraz Plateau, Lapazan Plateau, Gulindagi Plateau, Famagusta Plateau, Figanoy Plateau and Plateau Plateau. Lişer Plateau (Ocaklı-ispela) annually celebrates "Soğuksu Festivities" on 7 July with people from the surrounding plateaus and villages.



Lapazan Plateau, which has a height of 2,200 meters, can be reached through the Gürgenağaç Village road, which is connected to the Maçka district of Trabzon. The plateau has a dirt road and it is recommended to drive with gears.

There is no infrastructure services in Lapazan Plateau. The majority of tourists coming to Trabzon is visiting the plateau on the day. Or they bring camping equipment with them and camp.

If you wish, you can stay in Lapazan Plateau for a few hours or a few days.