He is dedicated to Eugenios, the patron saint of Trabzon. It is not known when the first church was built. Researchers say that the first structure is a basilica. 1291 inscriptions were also found. The present building is likely to have been built as a cross plan in the 14th century.

The building does not contain narthra today. There are three seas and three apse. The inner aperture of the middle apse has five corners. Others are horseshoe, rounded. Central dome with two necklaces in the east, with the help of necklaces in the west with two doric columns. The seas are covered with vaults.

This structure also has traces of frescoes and remains of floor mosaics. In addition to the middle apse, eagle and pigeon reliefs are also included.

After the conquest of Trabzon, the mosque was converted into a mosque. Another entrance was opened from the large apse. The mihrab made of stone has a baroque character. The pulpit is made of wood and left simple. There is a good woodwork in the area.

Apart from these additions, there are many precious pen decorations inside the mosque. The necklace is the work of the famous calligrapher Hafız Hasan Rıfat. Texts and embroideries in other sections were renewed.