This monastery, which is located in the Black Sea, in Trabzon and fascinates everyone with its green, is called Peristira Monastery. Turks here, the Hizir Elijah Monastery says.This monastery, which was established near the Şimşirli village of Maçka district of Trabzon in the mid-8th century, takes its place among the buildings to be seen for the tourists who like the Sumela Monastery and who love the historical places. Today, however, this monastery can only reach its foundations.

Like other monasteries in the Trabzon region, this monastery was built around a sacred cave and about 300 meters of rock mass. This feature reminds us of the monastery of Meteora in Greece.

Because of the dominance of many parts of the Black Sea, it became a focus of interest for tourists because of the fresh air and the magnificent landscape.

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