Sera Lake is located within the boundaries of Akçaabat district of Trabzon province. Sera lake is an example of a landslide set lake. Landslide set lake; The result of landslide is the lake formed by closing the front of a stream. Sera Lake in this way in 1950, the valley of the valley was formed by the large rocks that broke off the slopes of the Dingle Valley.

On 21 February 1950, the large rocks that broke down from the valley as a result of the heavy rainfall in Trabzon blocked the valley. Even today, the location of the ruptured rocks is certain. The places of the fractured rocks are seen as large cliffs.

Sera Lake, the name of the place where the name of the Star town. Sera Lake, located between Lake, Star and Derecik, is located in the Derecik valley.

Sera lake, the formation completed in 18 days. During the formation of many small-scale earthquakes occurred. The people of Akçaabat were personally witnessed to the formation of the lake. The area around the lake, the slopes of the collapse and the valley floor are arranged by soldiers in the region.

Approximately 2000 years of large-scale landslides in the eastern Black Sea region has caused great changes in the Sera lake. Landslides in the region have endangered the lake. The eroded soil around the lake is filled to the lake. It causes the base of the lake to mud. Therefore, people entering the lake can not leave. As a result of the studies, all negative consequences will be eliminated.

Nowadays, it is still attracting attention with the promenade areas around Sera Lake, which are still in progress. Sera lake is one of the places to see with its beauty between the greenery and many tourists. Touristic facilities meet the needs of the tourists coming to the region. Those who fall on the way to the Eastern Black Sea region must see this landslide set lake not far from the past.



Trabzon, with all its natural beauties, is one of the cities preferred by those who want to make the Black Sea holiday with attractive towns.

The Sekersu Plateau in Çaykara is one of the most beautiful and indispensable parts of this natural beauty. The former name Sakarsu Yayla is adjacent to the villages of Karaçam and Yaylaönü, located at the foot of the Soğanlı Mountains. You can witness every ton of all colors in Şekersu, which has both village and highland features. Due to the climatic conditions in winter, you must visit the plateau which is closed to the settlement in summer. Because you are 37 kilometers away from the center of the town, you will not have difficulty in getting to the highlands. You should definitely explore the Sekersu Plateau, which is included in a wonderful Black Sea atmosphere.

Behind; Sera Lake, Haldizen Plateau, Kaymakli Monastery, Peristera Monastery and Sumela Monastery to your list of sightseeing by taking the opportunity to visit both the natural and historical beauty of the city.