Küçük Ayvısı is a 3-vaulted, barrel-vaulted church with 3 apses. Although the source of the church is the place of the outer community, there is no such an order. The roof circular apse shows a structure outside of the church architecture in Trabzon. The construction phase (AD 795) is known as the 8th. It was renovated in 884-885.

Inside the building, there are 4 columns, ion column, which is considered as a marble block in which a Roman warrior and a flying angel were portrayed to belong to the 1st century on the gate. According to, these materials must be dated to the classical period.

14-15. The church, which is known to be used as a cemetery chapel in y.y., is expressed as the place where the administrators and clergy were buried.

There are three periods of frescoes in the church, and these frescoes, along with depictions of St. John, are included in the northern wall of St. Joachim and Azize Anna, from the earthly life to the heaven, as well as by Anthony Bryer & David Winfield, depictions of St. Nikephoros who donated him.

It is known that the original name was St.Anna when it was built in memory of Azize Anna and it was opened to tourism service on 15.09.2014 as a church.