It is the center of the surrounding highlands. The Sultanmurat Plateau, which serves as a stopover and accommodation center for highland roads in the past, is the daily shopping bazaar for the highlands and the tourism center for its visitors.

IV. Murat returned from the expedition of Iran in 1635 on this plateau with his army by making the Friday prayer and stayed here for a few days because the name here "Sultanmurat" was given. 25 Km from the town center. 2200 m. The height of this plateau is also a martyrdom of the Ottoman army that fought against the Russian armies of World War I. One army officer and 70 soldiers, including 71 Mehmetchik Russian soldiers martyred in the battle center 1 km south of the center of the hill where the martyrs metfun hill "Martyrs Hill" is called.

In the vicinity, there are Eğrisu, Sarıkaya, Hanırmak, Sıcakoba, Vartan, Cerrah and Mavreyas plateaus and Arpalı Quarter of Köprübaşı.

Distance to Trabzon from Çaykara (all asphalt) 105 km; It is 72 km from Köprübaşı (20 km stabilized).

25 km from the province of Trabzon Çaykara district. and 54 kms away from Aydıntepe. There are electricity, drinking water, hotel, restaurant, market, butcher, coffeehouse, ironmonger etc. in the Sultanmurat plateau located in the northwest. The trenches and martyr tombs of World War I are remembered with ceremonies held on June 23 every year.

In addition, the traditional Sultanmurat highland plateau festivities are held on August 20 every year. Tens of thousands of people visit Sultanmurat Plateau during the festivities.