Sumela Monastery was informed of appointments at ports of MS 365-395. Maçka district of Trabzon, Altındere valley is happening. It is an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery and a church complex at an altitude of 1,150 m above sea level. His full name is Panagia Sumela or Theotokos Sumela. Built from high cliffs, the monastery is one of the oldest and most important monasteries in the world.

What is the meaning of Sumela?

The name of Sumela Monastery offers the name of the mountain in history. The mountain he founded was named Mela at the time. In Yunaca, Stou Mela means Mela (found in mela or mela). In the Greek dialect specific to the Black Sea, Stou Mela was called Sou-mela. The name you read as a name in this name is still ongoing.

History and legend of Sumela Monastery

There are a few legends about the construction of the monastery. The most famous of these two is Barnabas and Sophronios, one of the two monks of Athens. These two monks dream of the prophet. They saw Jesus and Mary in where Sumela was. They laid the foundation of the monastery together, when they were not unaware of each other, and they met with these two priests before they began to influence the dream.

The main name of the Sumela Monastery is the Virgin Mary Monastery. The name of the monastery in Rumca. Estimated at 395 AD. Greek Emperor of Trabzon III. The construction of this work was done in the Alexios period. Therefore, the founder of the business III. Alexios has evidence.

During the Byzantine period, the monastery was also a training place for the monk. The monastery used as a religious school is said to have been crowned by the Byzantine and Western kings at the beginning of the Panagia Sumela icon.

Sumela Monastery is the most important monastery of the address where the date is determined. However, in the history of the monastery, after the attack and plundering, in the republic period, the population change in 1923 was abandoned and the abandonment of the monks who lived there was abandoned. After this incident, the religious activities ended after the priests left the monastery. Today, the monastery is considered sacred by all Christians and is visited by thousands of people every day.

Sumela Monastery is a very precious and sacred place by Christians. It is a very important and sacred symbol, believed to be a miracle for Christians who have a very important place in history. One of the biblical writers of Panagia Soumela, the icon of Christians. Made by Luke. Saint-Luka took his icons wherever he went. This icon is also considered one of the most miraculous icons of Christians.

In 84 AD, after St Luke was crucified on the olive tree, his disciple Ananias took the icon and took him to Athens. According to historical records, the Iconic Monastery is a very important place in the Christian world due to countless miracles and a church is built in the city near Thebes. In the fourth century the monastery was brought to the monastery by Barnabas and Sophronios.

Greek Prime Minister Eleftherios Venezelos 1931, Turkey's Prime Minister Ismet Inonu, Panagia Soumel with icons and other sacred objects appeared as a result of the talks. These works are the Benaki Museum in Athens.

In 1952, a new monastery was built on the Vermion veranda in Veriya, near the Greek government, and was named Sumela Monastery. They placed the remains of the Benaki Museum and the Sumela Icon in this new monastery.