Trabzon Castle in the town of Arakli in the neighborhood of Kalecik Trabzon Castle, is a structure built to dominate the sea. Fatih Sultan Mehmet was conquered after the conquest of the city of Trabzon, the sea was built to resist the attacks. The castle, which was built in one of the highest hills of Trabzon, is reported by historians who also benefited from the masses from the Trabzon Empire. The castle of Trabzon has an important place among the artifacts that have survived until today. Upper fortress, lower and middle fortress structure, the sea level up to the city's largest hill continues the castle.

Evliya Celebi Efendi, one of the Ottoman travelers, visited the castle of Trabzon. In his work, he draws attention to these fortress lines: ilgili On the mountain side, there is a deep trench, similar to a hellhole, that 77 men enter. Pure cut rock. Inside, there are mosques, conservative houses, cellars, cellars,

The upper fortress of the fortress is the central point of the fortress which is the place of the city. Here are the façades where ball shots are made to expel the forces coming from the sea. The fact that the fronts of the facades were too large from the normal balls caused the historians to point to the plans of the Sahin Balls, which were drawn by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, to be used in the preservation of the city of Trabzon.

The fortress was built with stones collected from the old ruins by the Ottoman Empire. Historians tell the historians that there are buildings such as the ruins of the Hippodrome, towers, baths and palaces in the area of ​​Trabzon Castle. The inner structure of the fortress was built as large as the other fortresses and the towers were made to watch the enemy. The eastern part of the inner fortress, that is the direction facing the sides of the kuzgundere, was protected by walls. In these parts where debris and blocks are used, sometimes human reliefs can be found.

After registering that the middle fortress, which is the continuation of the inner fortress and the upper fortress, is not a regular place, let's say that there are doors of gates and tombs, tanneries and tower doors. There are also two important mosques here. The name of these mosques, the mosque of Orta fortress and the mosque of Cuma. In addition, the central fortress, government house, tower bath, double bath, Musa Pasha Mosque, Sirin Hatun mosque is located.

The lower part of the fortress lies down to the sea from the Zağanos bastions. On the east side there are the gates of the market and the mansion. Around this castle Andrea Church, Pazarkapı mosque, eight regular baths, Amasya mosque, Iskender Pasha Fountains, Tophane Hamam, Kundupoğlu and Yarımbıyıkoğlu houses.