Memisoglu Mansion

It lies 4 km east of the town of Sürmene in Balıklı district. It is a large fringed structure with a double-storey façade and a large stone structure.

Our region is famous for its stone and especially woodwork. Door wings and ceilings display the best examples of woodwork.

In the middle of the western room on the upper floor of the building, which is thought to have been built in the 18th century, there is a piece that can be swiveled around a shaft: it acts as a ventilator and a wind rose. Due to this feature of the ceiling, the mansion is named as Dön mansion with revolving roof konak.

Nemlizade Mansion

Gazipaşa is a four-storey building built on a large area in the neighborhood. In the ground floor and rooms, the most beautiful examples of Kütahya tiles were displayed in panels.

Between 1945-1963 the building was a monopoly office, and the Fatih Education Institute was built between 1963-1979. After the transfer of the former Girls' Vocational High School to the Ministry of Culture, which was used as Trabzon Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences since September 17, 1979, continues.

 Yarımbıyıkoğlu House

It is on the Kundupoğlu street in Pazarkapı neighborhood. It is a house with 2 storey outer hall. It has lost its decorative features with bad repairs. We learned from the inscription that it was built in 1706.

Kundupoglu House

It is located to the south of Yarımbıyıkoğlu house. Only part of it survived. It was planned with an outer hall. Fevkani repaired today, the upper room has gypsum, wood carving and pencil work decorations. It is dated to the 18th century.

Cakiraga Mansion

The mansion is located in Sarıağaç village of Hayrat district of Trabzon province. It was built in 1837 by İsmailağa. The ground floor of the mansion is cut stone and winter room, cellar and warehouse are located here. The number of rooms on the second floor with Wood Baghdad coating is not known. Çakırağa Mansion has been repaired by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in 1979

Ortahisar Houses (Trabzon)

The most important element that brought old Turkish houses to the fore is functionality and aesthetics in the traditional architectural style. These houses are remarkable with their urban location and their architecture. The old Turkish houses are the most important building blocks of Turkish urban culture, which has been formed in hundreds of years.

Middle Neighborhood (Akçaabat)

Some regions of Anatolia have survived without any significant changes in terms of settlement examples which have the characteristic of "Sample Houses". Among these settlements, Akçaabat-Orta Mahalle Evleri is one of the most prominent in the Black Sea Region.