There are many historical places of worship in Trabzon. One of these religious structures is Vazelon Monastery in Maçka. If you have planned a trip to Trabzon, do not forget to add Vazelon Monastery to your list of places to visit in Trabzon.

This magnificent and sacred building, which was the oldest monastery in history, was built in MS.270. It is dedicated to John the Baptist in the Bible. According to ancient sources, although the name of the monastery is Zouvalon, with the flow of history today took the name of Vazelonas.

The monastery is located about 40 kilometers outside and south of Trabzon. It is a wonderful building built around the district of Maçka, with very little information about its history and the cradle of secrets. This monastery of our country is located in the current Maçka district, which we call as Matsouka in history. Religious location aside As a cultural, social and economic place in the region has an extremely important place with the richest monastery feature is a historic building. Although not sure, the construction of the Sumela Monastery in some sources is said to be built with the income of the Monastery of Vazelon. This claim is already enough to understand that the region's richest monastery.

 Looking at some records, the Vazelon Monastery has been attacked many times, just like other monasteries. The monastery, which has embraced many sad events, came to our mixture after talking to the stage of history of the murder of 400 monks. This monastery, which was said to have been destroyed or even ruined after these attacks, has been restored many times. The most important of these was the order of Emperor Justinian in 565 AD. Vazelon monastery also found many valuable manuscripts. The existence of a giant library is mentioned in the history scenes. In the monastery, the monks who lived at that time were documented as an archive where they wrote down everything and kept valuable information. Monasteries in 1922, after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey have been completely emptied made by the monks. After the monks' departure, Vazelon, the richest and most ancient monastery of the region, left its position to silence. On the other hand, the only thing that could be saved from the archives of the monastery was the icon of Saint John the Baptist. This icon was first moved to Greece and then to Russia for protection. It is still on display today.

The Vazelon Monastery is made up of 4 floors and is built in the upper part of the walls of the church, which still has the most important frescoes of Heaven, Hell and Judgment Day. This monastery, which has a very important place in terms of the history of the region, is now showing that its visitors are in a state of suffering and are facing collapse and destruction. The Vazelon Monastery, which is currently not being attempted to be restored, contains the secrets of history.