Although Trabzon is a city that stands out with its green and natural beauty, it is not easy to find a large green area in the center of the city. The city center attracts attention with its many historical buildings. Although the new boulevards and the wide boulevards that run through the center of Trabzon facilitate urban transportation, those who want to get to know Trabzon better will prefer to wander the cobblestone, narrow and curved streets. A wide and quite beautiful valley is waiting for you in the heart of these historical sites and the city: Zağnos Zağnos Valley Park Valley Park.

With the urban transformation works, a beautiful park was created in the center of the city, where picnics and walks could be taken, family memories could be taken. It is a very long park with a viaduct belonging to the historical Zagnos Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Boulevard. There are ponds and streams in the park. In addition to the ducks floating in the water, many adorable rabbits jumping around enjoy the park with joy.

There are places like cafes where you can have tea in the park. Besides, there are places where you can have tea by looking from the hill above Trabzon Castle.

Where does the name Zagnos Valley come from? Zağnos Pasha (also known as Zağanos), who was the conqueror of Fatih, one of the conquerors of Trabzon, was an important statesman who was found in the sultanate of Gallipoli, the Captain and the Grand Vizier in the Ottoman Empire. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Istanbul in 1453; While conquering Trabzon in 1461, Zağnos Pasha undertook important duties in these conquests, and between the years of 1467-1469 he was the Principal of Sanjak of Trabzon. The valley takes its name from Zağnos Paşa.